About Us





Satwik Services Pvt Ltd, started working in the year 2006 under the name Satwik Services and incorporated as a private limited company in year 2008.

SATWIK is group of professionals from different backgrounds, running business with a vision to provide unmatched healthy lifestyle to society by providing quality services in the domain of cleanliness and housekeeping.
Our mission is to make SATWIK as the most trusted brand of India in cleaning services domain by the year 2025 and we are committed to provide a healthy living environment through upscale products and services. Initiated with water solutions, company is currently providing

to Govt Department, Corporate Clients and Domestic Households

Access to Clean Water Is Everyone's Right

Regular cleaning of water tanks is crucial to ensure clean water supply. This applies to households, commercial spaces, hotels, hospitals, schools, colleges, and industries. Mechanized water tank cleaning effectively removes sediment, debris, and contaminants from the tank. It provides increased safety, efficiency, and speed compared to manual cleaning, especially for hard-to-reach areas.


Unique Six Stage Cleaning Process

Mechanised Dewatering
Sludge Removal
High Pressure Cleaning
Vacuum Cleaning
Anti-Bacterial Spray
UV Radiation